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Top Ten Reasons for IV and Injection Therapy


Cold and Flu Remedy

Migraine and Headache Therapy

Immune SupportFitness Hyperhydration and Recovery

Mood Elevation

Improving Sleep Quality

Malabsorption and GI Health

Chronic Fatigue


Acute and Chronic Pain

What is IV Therapy?


IV therapy is an intravenous infusion of nutrients, delivering 99.9% of each vitamin, mineral, or electrolyte straight to your bloodstream.


As the Hudson Valley's premier IV therapy center, we offer specialty IV drips created by our trained staff of medical professionals, based entirely on your needs - whether you need an energy boost, immune system recovery, or instant hydration, we will provide you with a comfortable, relaxing experience.

Purvida IV philosophy ...

no preservatives or fillers in our IVs

Our Story


Established in December 2018 by Dr. Adam Silverman and Elisa Gwilliam, Purvida IV successfully provides integrative medicine into customized vitamin IV and injection therapies. Providing personalized care for patients throughout the Hudson Valley in a relaxing environment. Purvida IV is the future of preventative healthcare.